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Sharon Bogetz, Real Estate Broker sold another home
Sharon Bogetz, Real Estate Broker sold another home
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For many, buying a home or condo will be the biggest purchase you will make.  Understanding the process will help you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about making the decision to buy your home.

Buying a home is a multi-step process….

Choose Your Real Estate Broker.   By meeting your real estate broker either in-person or on Zoom, you can learn a lot about each other.  The more information your real estate broker has about what you want and need in your new home, the more fruitful and efficient your search will be.

Get Pre-Approved.   Knowing your buying power, is the natural next step.  Both you and your broker will want to know what size home you can afford.   Your pre-approval is a private conversation that you will have with your lender.  Your real estate broker should connect you with approved loan officers.

Articulate Your Wants and Needs.  Share your wishlist as well as your minimum requirements for your new home or condo.

Your Real Estate Broker Will Set Up Home Visits.  Once your real estate broker has the information she needs to select homes that meet your criteria, she will set up your home visits.  She should select properties that will be the best match for your desired home.  Provide honest feedback to your broker to narrow your search and sharpen your criteria so she can find homes more to your liking.  Bring your checkbook so when you find the right home, you’ll be prepared to make an offer.  The housing market is very hot right now.

Make An Offer.  Making a written offer on a home or condo is actually a contract to purchase the home.  Your broker  should provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help you formulate the right price to offer. Your broker will help you write up the offer.

Home Inspection.  Schedule a home inspection with a licensed professional to help you evaluate your home and identify any issues you might have missed.  Your broker should have a list of approved inspectors you can contact.

Prepare Yourself For Ownership.  Make appointments for Internet connections, shop for home owner’s insurance, line up movers, line up a cleaning crew to clean your old place and clean your new place before you move in. Finalize your loan.  Your broker should have a list of approved vendors you can contact.

Final Walk Through.   A day or two before you close, visit your new home to ensure everything is working and in its right place.

Close On The Home.   Sign the papers, transfer the utilities, activate your insurance and MOVE IN!


Ready To Get Started?   Call Sharon Kantor Bogetz, your Century 21 real estate broker at 847.370.9131.  She is ready to make your new home a realty.   

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