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Looking for a real estate broker | call Sharon Bogetz Century 21 Real Estate Broker

Looking for an apartment, condo, townhome or house to rent?

Once I have the criteria you want for your rental,  I will search and schedule showings that meet your wish list.

Save Time.   I know you are busy.  Let me do the work of finding and scheduling site visits that work for your schedule.

Fees.   As a broker, I do not charge any fee to help you search for your rental.   The landlord will pay for my services.

Your Wants and Needs Are Addressed.  Share your wishlist as well as your minimum requirements for your new home or condo.

Your Real Estate Broker Will Set Up Visits.  I will share listings that check the boxes you have outlined.   I will schedule site visits so you can see these options at your convenience.

Submit Applications.   I will help you submit your applicants to the landlords.

Prepare Yourself For The Move.  Make appointments for Internet connections, shop for insurance, line up movers, line up a cleaning crew to clean your old place and clean your new place before you move in. I have a list of approved vendors you can contact if you need referrals.

Finalize the Paperwork.   Sign the papers, transfer the utilities, activate your insurance and MOVE IN!


Ready To Get Started?   Call Sharon Kantor Bogetz, your Century 21 real estate broker at 847.370.9131.  She is ready to make your new home a realty.   

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