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Thinking of selling? Here are 7 quick & easy ways to declutter your home, business or practice. A home or workplace always looks LARGER and well maintained if they are de-cluttered and organized.

1. Keep things at arms reach: Remove items stored on top of cabinets. Look at items on the top shelves to see if you really need still need them or put them away.

2. Add shelves: Add open shelves so you can see what you have or cabinets with doors to add valuable storage options.

3. 12-12-12 Challenge: This challenge comes from BecomingMinimalist.com, and is a simple project to add to your routine. Clean and organize by choosing 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 to return to a proper place in your home to organize and declutter your home or your workplace.

4. Get rid of broken items: There’s no point in keeping items that are broken or unused, they’re just taking up precious space.

5. Use things or throw them out: Take a look at items in the back of your shelves and cabinets. I found a lot of items that were not used during the pandemic lockdown that expired in the early part of this year.

6.Tackle one room at a time, step by step: Organizing and decluttering one room at a time makes it easier to schedule. It is less daunting too!

7. Curate your bookshelves. Go through your bookshelves and donate books that you have not looked at in years. Once you have more room on your shelves, you can organize the books you really need or want, add prized decorative items and photos, or add planters to brighten your space and clean your air.